【NEW限定品】 adjustable w/ Pouch Support Accessory Tripod TRIOPOD Novoflex hook B07585XZRL [並行輸入品] (TRIO-TC) ground. uneven on & windy when stability added for etc. stones with Fill straps. loop &-三脚

今夜の『タモリ倶楽部』は6年ぶりに「お尻オーディション」開催! 星野源さんもお尻審査員です / 星野さん日本変態協会の会員なんだって

TRIOPOD Tripod Accessory Support Pouch (Dimensions: 13.8×13.8×13.8) with adjustable hook & loop straps (Length: 1.6×5.9). Can be filled with camera equipment stones sand etc. for added stability on uneven terrain and windy conditions.
Triangle supporting pouch for Tripod